Sierra Del Rio Golf Course Clubhouse

Sdr 1

Elephant Butte, New Mexico

Turtleback Mountain Resort is a premier residential community and golf course. This planned residential development will feature 1,250 new homes located on 1,000 acres, arranged in unique interrelated neighborhoods.

Framed by rugged Turtleback Mountain and bordered by picturesque Mims Lake, the new Sierra del Rio 18-hole championship golf course, offers lush manicured greens adjacent to a colorful desert palette.

Architects Studio designed this new clubhouse to meet our client's vision of a new facility that recalled architectural elements from New Mexico in the 1800s. This Clubhouse was completed to coincide with the opening of the new eighteen hole course designed by Phelps-Atkinson Golf Course Design. This was the first of several buildings to be designed by Architects Studio.